human experiences

Hi! I’m Deepa, a UX Designer based in San Francisco. I incorporate my architectural design background by leveraging empathy and a deep understanding of design systems to craft user-centered solutions.

Amazon Prime Video

Enhancing the user experience and value proposition of an existing video streaming platform on desktop, adding personalization as well as a social component to Amazon Prime Video

Mentorship App

Adult-it connects young adults to credible and empathetic mentors for guidance as they transition into adulthood, giving them the crucial support that they need to succeed and thrive as adults.

UX Hackathon 2020

An onboarding process for a smart collar solution for dog owners, as well as showcasing the power of IoT to track pets' health stats.

Travel App

Amigas is a travel app that aims to hone in and address specific pain points related to women, thus making the travel experience pleasurable by providing a virtual travel companion for solo women travelers.