Steelcase - Configurator Tool

Web-based configuration engine driven by generative design and data models, allowing users to quickly make changes to 3D models.
My Role:
Lead product strategy & roadmap, designed user experience for tool and iterated based on feedback.
Envisioned new tool based on market research and business goals. Tested pilot and received positive feedback. Product launch scheduled for EOY 2022.
Project Team
3 Engineers, Executive, Business Development (Visualization and Marketing), Generative Design agency
Project Duration
Jul 2021 - Present

Users spend a lot of time navigating the complexity of Steelcase’s product portfolio, and customizing 3D models per their customer’s requests. Ease of doing business with is key to retaining our customers, and often times our existing platform can be frustrating, causing the company to lose projects.

Focusing on the theme of Next Gen Product Visualization, we wanted to see if we could create an experience where they could easily find a product and make customizations to it on a web-based platform.
Steelcase Solution Img

More Info
The nature of this project is confidential since we are still in the process of scaling the experience and launching it in beta mode. Please reach out to me for more details.

Product Design Roadmap
We have gauged high desirability for this tool through testing the pilot with 300+ users. Our team is currently in the process of handoff to our IT peers. Some next steps are:
  • Identify key processes and roles to scale this experience
  • Limiting access to tool while it is in beta mode through user authentication technology
  • Integrate visual design of Steelcase through collaboration with BrandComm team
  • After successfully launching this version, design another branch of the experience leveraging the configurator engine capability